Our unique concept for micro data center saves a lot of energy compared with conventional data center cooling systems.

The micro datacentre and server room experts

ICT is currently a critical factor determining the success of companies and organisations. In order to guarantee continuity, optimum conditions for housing your information and communication equipment are essential. These conditions can be created in micro datacentres or server rooms. Tizzon takes responsibility for the entire process, from initial consultation and construction to maintenance and expansion. We handle indoor as well as outdoor projects.

Our concepts focus on companies and organisations that manage their own ICT facilities. Our smaller datacentre (micro datacentre) and server room concepts meet the same high quality demands set by the companies that operate the world’s largest datacentres, namely maximum availability versus minimum energy consumption.

With our EE+ (Energy Efficient Plus) micro datacentre, we go a step further. Our concept is unique in that it reduces energy consumption in real terms to as low as 5% of the total energy consumption. Tizzon constructs all its datacentres and server rooms, complete with all facilities, in its own capacity.