Consultancy and engineering for micro datacentres and server rooms

No two datacentres are the same. Because of this, a detailed list of your present and future requirements is necessary. During this phase, Tizzon’s experience in the construction of micro datacentres and server rooms is of great importance. With our expertise, we are the ideal working partner for your own ICT department. A combination between your specifications and our solutions leads to a recommendation that forms the basis of an effective design and allows space for future expansion.

Optimum availability and low energy consumption

All our concepts revolve around an ideal balance between low energy consumption and optimum availability of the equipment. All essential facilities are considered for your micro datacentre, including air treatment and cooling systems, power and emergency power facilities, fire detection and security.

Redundant design
In order to guarantee availability even during calamities, essential systems are designed with redundancy in mind. This assures you of high-quality solutions that are technologically comparable to larger datacentres, though on a smaller scale. Our engineers also take the full infrastructure, including server racks, into account in their designs.

When installing an internal server room, we help you find the most suitable location for it at your company premises. Or we consider modifying existing locations in order to create the right conditions. If you are constructing a micro datacentre on public property, Tizzon also arranges the entire licensing process on your behalf.

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