Entire execution by a single reliable company

Tizzon completes the construction of micro datacentres and server rooms in its own capacity. This means that our own experts are responsible for the entire process. We have combined all the electrical and mechanical know-how, required for the construction of micro datacentres, within Tizzon. With all this experience, we know exactly which systems can perform according to the high standards that we set. Every micro datacentre and server room is fully equipped with power, cooling, fire detection and security systems. These well-designed systems guarantee the maximum possible uptime, even in case of malfunctions.

We arrange construction too

If micro datacentres need to be individually constructed, we take responsibility for the entire construction process too. We use specialist construction firms that can meet our strict demands. Tizzon micro datacentres are adaptable in their design, and centres constructed on public property are designed in such a way that they blend into their surroundings.

Efficient prefab construction method

A major advantage that Tizzon offers is the prefabricated construction of its micro datacentres. This ensures that we get a feel for the diverse needs of our clients and that onsite assembly can be completed very quickly. This also makes a large range of architectural options possible.

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