Later expansion of capacity also possible

You might currently have a micro datacentre or server room that meets the demands of your company. But what if your ICT infrastructure grows due to expansion of your company? To guard against this, later growth should always be taken into account in the design of a new centre. This has not always been the case in terms of existing datacentres. Tizzon can provide tailor-made advice on the best strategy for you to follow in order to expand your capacity.

When we design a new datacentre, we always do it with later expansion in mind. This gives you the option of adding extra capacity in a cost-efficient way at any moment in the future. We do not only focus on the structure, but also keep facilities inside the centre in mind. This approach guarantees that the later addition of facilities like air treatment systems is always possible.

Expansion of a previously completed structure boils down to inventive solutions, which you can also expect from Tizzon.

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