Micro datacentres with sustainability in mind

Not just the design of the Tizzon datacentre concept is highly sustainable in terms of construction, air treatment applications and other systems. The datacentre and the air treatment system have been developed according to the cradle-to-cradle concept. Most materials used, including the PCM’s, are re-usable or safely degradable.

Record-low PUE
This is demonstrated by the very low PUE or power usage effectiveness. While conventional datacentres have an average PUE of 1.4 to 2, the Tizzon concept is capable of a record-low PUE of 1.06 to 1.10!
Although the energy consumption of the air treatment system is an average of 5% of the installed ICT equipment, the focus is on efficient total consumption by the datacentre.

Re-use potential
The technology has a long technical lifespan, generally 20 years or longer. The systems are compact and are therefore easy to relocate. In addition, all materials used are suitable for re-use. If it becomes necessary to relocate the datacentre or its systems, virtually all components can be re-used. Tizzon guarantees the PCM for a period of 20 years.

Thanks to a combination of prefabricated construction, Phase Change Material air treatment systems and smart construction that results in low energy consumption and low PUE, the concept conforms to the standards of BREEAM Very Good and Excellent. This makes the total investment eligible for a range of subsidies.

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