PCM’s, the ‘heart’ of an energy-efficient datacentre

hase Change Materials have long been used as part of tried-and-trusted procedures. PCM’s melt as soon as the temperature of the system air rises above the melting point of the PCM. This absorbs energy from the air and cools it down. The process takes place during daylight hours. PCM’s solidify overnight because the temperature of the system air drops below the crystallisation temperature. During this process, the energy absorbed is released into the system air.

The output air temperature will never exceed the desired data centre temperature. The process as a whole results in the constant inhibition and reduction of the input air temperature, meaning that the temperature can be optimally controlled within set limits. Continuity is guaranteed by redundant design.
It is possible to upscale by simply adding to the air treatment equipment in the data centre and increasing the PCM capacity.

Positioning in a cold corridor
In Tizzon micro datacentres, ICT equipment is stored in server racks. These server racks are configured in the datacentre according to a cold corridor concept. Treated air enters the cold corridor through vents. Airflows are optimally blended depending on the outdoor temperature and the required air conditions inside the datacentre. Fans create the necessary air circulation in order to guarantee stable airflow conditions around the equipment, but also displace the least amount of air possible. The aim is to achieve efficient energy consumption by the datacentre and all the equipment inside it.

Adjustable temperature in patch cabinets
The temperature inside a datacentre can be pre-set and regulated. Thanks to an intelligent regulation system that uses a range of pressure, temperature and relative humidity sensors, it is possible to maintain a temperature regime of 21°C to 26°C, ideal working conditions for the new generation of blade servers. The displacement of air is a highly effective cooling method.

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